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Neillsville School Board Approves Temporary Use of Paid Leave for Time Employee is Unable to Work
Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 -- 9:43 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville School Board approved temporary use of paid leave for time an employee is unable to work at their meeting on Tuesday.

This measure applied only to support staff at the Neillsville School District as professional staff is still being paid while they provide material and support to students who are working at home. In the employee handbook, support staff is only allowed a certain number of sick days and other days they can use in an emergency, but they can’t substitute that time. With this temporary order, support staff choosing not to work during this time can substitute hours during the closure period. Most of the district’s support staff is working in different capacities at the district right now, but some found it was more efficient for them to stay home and watch their children than to come in and work or train in different areas. This approved item will allow them to substitute their time for paid leave.

For the most part, most support staff is still helping out in the district, especially as the district is still providing meals and even delivering them to students. District Administrator John Gaier felt it was important to pass this so the district doesn’t become an unnecessary burden on people during an already difficult time. But he admitted that the situation is difficult because there is so much fluidity to it. What is established one hour can quickly become moote the next. The board did approve the measure as long as the support staff is formed that they do have options to come in and work or train if they choose.

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