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Neillsville City Council Approves Parking Permit Fee

Saturday, October 17th, 2020 -- 8:13 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville City Council continued to discuss the parking permit ordinance at their meeting on Tuesday.

City Attorney Bonnie Wachsmuth stated that, based on the discussion at the last Council Meeting, she struggled with putting together this draft ordinance amendment, also based on the last discussion, she asked that a copy of Ordinance 8-1-8, 3 Hour Parking Areas be made. Attorney Wachsmuth read the draft Ordinance Amending 8-1-29 Permit Parking. Attorney Wachsmuth stated permits are issued to registered owners of a vehicle, but what if you have two or three vehicles? Do you have to change your permit every time you use a different vehicle? Council Member Julie Counsell stated the application could identify multiple vehicles. Council Member Dan Clough stated that you should be able to hang the parking permit you paid for in any vehicle that you drive that day. Jim Smagacz, Parking Enforcement Officer for Neillsville, clarified that if a parking permit is not hanging, even though they have one issued, they can be cited. Smagacz stated that when a vehicle is covered by snow, instead of brushing off the vehicle, he goes by the license plate number and, if he knows the vehicle, he won’t cite them. Otherwise he has to ask when he gets back to the office. Council Member Counsell stated that if you don’t have a list of license plates, how are you going to know without running the plate? It’s easy to give your permit to a buddy.

Chief of Police Jim Mankowski stated that if you have a vehicle with a permit, but the plate is expired, how do you find the owner to get the vehicle moved? Attorney Wachsmuth stated the permit owner is responsible. If you cannot contact them, the vehicle can be towed at the owners’ expense. Mayor Murphy stated that each business owner should get a free parking permit. Attorney Wachsmuth stated that would have to be added to the ordinance. Chief Mankowski asked about city employees at City Hall and the Library. Council Member Clough stated that could be handled as an employment issue. Attorney Wachsmuth stated an exception should be written in. Council Member Counsell stated that she agrees with Council Member Clough in that they need an application process to track permit vehicles. Discussion followed on moving vehicles for snow removal, free permits for business owners and 3 Hour Parking Areas. Finally, the council approved setting the parking permit fee at $35 per quarter or $120 annually, with only the annual fee being allowed to be prorated on a quarterly basis (½ or ¾).

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