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NGL Has 3 Cloverbelt Champs/Cadott Team Champion
Saturday, February 8th, 2020 -- 4:08 pm
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal wrestling team crowned 3 individual champions at the Cloverbelt Conference Wrestling Tournament on Saturday while Cadott took the team title...

NGL's Tommy Friemoth (160), Nathan Buchanan (182) and Gunner Hoffmann (220) are Cloverbelt Champions.

Team Scores:
1 Cadott 264.0
2 Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee 186.0
3 Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal 183.5
4 Abby/Colby 134.5
5 Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek 98.5
6 Regis/Altoona 90.5
7 Spencer/Columbus 71.5
8 Thorp 5.0

Individual Results:
1st Place - Brayden Sonnentag of Cadott
2nd Place - Luke Dux of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
3rd Place - Justin McManus of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
4th Place - Deaglan O`Connell of Regis/Altoona
5th Place - Bryce Armstrong-Baglien of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek
6th Place - Cera Philson of Thorp

1st Place - Ashton Ackman of Spencer/Columbus
2nd Place - Jarick Young of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
3rd Place - Alexander Nitz of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
4th Place - Logan Harel of Cadott
5th Place - Connor Mattison of Regis/Altoona
6th Place - Lucas Baumann of Abby/Colby

1st Place - Treyton Ackman of Spencer/Columbus
2nd Place - Kaleb Sonnentag of Cadott
3rd Place - Brandon Buck of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee

1st Place - Blaine Brenner of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
2nd Place - River Halopka of Abby/Colby
3rd Place - Hunter Breaker of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek
4th Place - Ethan Duck of Cadott
5th Place - Leonardo Rodriguez of Spencer/Columbus
6th Place - Thomas Tomesh of Regis/Altoona

1st Place - Tristan Drier of Cadott
2nd Place - Keeghan Anding of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
3rd Place - Dustin Bergman of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
4th Place - Jose Rodriguez of Abby/Colby
5th Place - Liam O`Connell of Regis/Altoona
6th Place - Dustin Sudbrink of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

1st Place - Cole Pfeiffer of Cadott
2nd Place - Trystan Christoph of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Garrett Learman of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Joaquin Nari Marrcos of Regis/Altoona
5th Place - Carson Kilty of Spencer/Columbus

1st Place - Dawson Webster of Cadott
2nd Place - Joey McDermond of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Talon Severson of Abby/Colby
4th Place - Tucker Bethea of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
5th Place - Cole Myers of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

1st Place - Payton Kostka of Regis/Altoona
2nd Place - Nelson Wahl of Cadott
3rd Place - Carter Schoengarth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - David Vicente of Abby/Colby
5th Place - Russell Dorn of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
6th Place - Breanna Wier of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

1st Place - Tommy Friemoth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Preston Potaczek of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Michael Pecha of Cadott
4th Place - Joe Hawthorne of Abby/Colby
5th Place - Matt Mauer of Regis/Altoona

1st Place - Brady Spaeth of Cadott
2nd Place - Caden Weber of Regis/Altoona
3rd Place - Brandon Vicente of Abby/Colby
4th Place - Dan Polzin of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
5th Place - Kaden Moseley of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek
6th Place - Owyn Schofield of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee

1st Place - Nathan Buchanan of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Bret Kostka of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek
3rd Place - Steven Pfeiffer of Cadott
4th Place - Andrew Jeske of Abby/Colby
5th Place - Evan Meeker of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee

1st Place - Gavin Tegels of Cadott
2nd Place - Carter Grewe of Abby/Colby
3rd Place - Luke Fischer of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek
4th Place - Connor Luedtke of Spencer/Columbus
5th Place - Joe Polzin of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
6th Place - Caden Koepl of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee

1st Place - Gunner Hoffmann of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Ethan Tegels of Cadott
3rd Place - Bo Prudlick of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek
4th Place - Devin Thums of Abby/Colby
5th Place - Sawyer Kilty of Spencer/Columbus

1st Place - Tyler Krizan of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
2nd Place - Josh Briggs of Cadott
3rd Place - Riley Bauer of Regis/Altoona
4th Place - Isaiah Waggoner of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

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