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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 -- 10:19 AM

The 10th annual Neillsville Alumni Women's Volleyball Tournament that was held on Saturday, March 26th with 13 teams participating.

1st Place: Amanda?s Amoral, Ambitious, Awesome Athletes
Team members: Kate Mueller ?96, Julie Simek ?99, Kelly (McConnell) Dunek ?01
Claire McConnell ?04, Julia (McConnell) Diggins ?98 & Amanda Mueller ?00. Becky Larsen ?02

2nd Place: Tabby?s, Tackless, Trash-talking, Tempermental, Thugs
Team Members: Tabby Huth, Caitlin Courtney, Kayla Opelt, Tia Opelt & Casandra Craig ?10

3rd Place: Missy?s Malicious, Masquerading, Maniacs
Team members: Tracey (Walker) Kurth ?97, Mandy (Leitzen) Ruff ?93, Missy (Reinart) Jakobi ?97, Carrie (Seelow) Carlson ?95, Shelly (Proffitt) Schmitz ?91 & Laura (Proffitt) Walk ?97

4th Place: UTI?s
Team members: Amanda (Opelt) Erickson, Krista (Opelt) Kodl, Jenny Buchholz, Megan Kuchenbecker, Liz Strangfeld & Brooke Miller all class of ?03

5th Place: Whitney?s Wretched, Wayward, Wicked, Withered Women
Team members: Whitney Strobush ?05, Lacie Strobush ?06, Kristin Perkl ?07, Lizz Perkl ?05, Courtney Goetz ?05, Jessica Lindner ?05

6th Place: Emile?s Exalted, Egotistical, Exuberant Enforcers
Team members: Emile (Raine) Miller ?78, Loriann (Dux) Langreck ?78, Amy (Poeschel) Harder ?79, Cheryl (Mayer) Larson ?82, Valerie (Meredith) Eiden ?79 & Jean (Tibbett) Smagacz ?79

7th Place: Lori?s Legendary Leapers
Team members: Lori (Hagen) Opelt ?89, Sheri (Solberg) Hayes ?89, Brenda (Slemec) Zawacki ?89, Tina (Opelt) Bjurquist ?90, Jenny (Romens) Erickson?90 & Donna (Opelt) McDonnough ?89

8th Place: Cyndi?s Callous, Cold-blooded, Calculated Combatants
Team members: Cindi (Kuehl) Anderson ?88, Lisa (Sromek) Engan?88, Kari (Mohr) Mayer?88, Tammy (Heck) Hagen?88, Lisa Opelt ?88, Susie Opelt ?84

9th Place: Michell?s Muscled Mavericks
Team members: Michelle Grap ?87, Jill (Hagen) Opelt ?87, Ann Zank ?87, Stacy (Perkins) Zank ?87, Melissa (Eddy) Ruder ?87, Janet Meredith ?87, Shannon (Tollefson) Huth ?88

10th Place: Rachel?s Rabid Relentless, Racy, Rejuvenated, Rebels
Team members: Rachel (Kriegel) Miller, Jennifer Marg , Heather (Opelt) Weimer, Beth (Walker) Zank, Bridget (Opelt) Rakovec Tiffany (Domaszek) Johnson, Jammie Erickson all class of ?01

11th Place: Toni?s Twisted, Two-faced, Troublesome, Toxic Tramps
Team members: Lynn (Wetzel) Harris ?92 Ashley Wetzel ?09, Sarah Settingsgaard ?11, Toni Durham ?08, Heidi Sischo ?94

12th Place: : Stephanie?s Savagely Self-confident, Sinister Social-climbers
Team members: Stephanie (Siebert) Potter, ?94, Melissa Zschernitz ?94, Jacki Hineline ?93, Tammy (Gurney) Siebert ?92, Tracey (Siebert) Quast, ?86, Pam (Siebert) Gotto ?85 & Jill (Opelt) Fox ?95

13th Place: Opelt?s Overbearing, Objectionable, Obnoxious, Ominous Outcasts
Team members: Stephanie Opelt ?06, Brittany Domaszek ?08, Holly Opelt ?08, Steph (Spencer) Heck ?04, Wendy Spencer ?09 & Kelly Sigurdson ?06

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