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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 -- 6:52 AM

The Neillsville/Greenwood wrestling team lost to Ellsworth in the Team Sectional Final last night at Baldwin-Woodville 39-9. Neillsville/Greenwood won their semi-final matchup with Ashland rather handily 74-6 while Ellsworth took care of Amery 45-21 in the other semi-final to set up the final. Here's a summary of the two Sectional matches for Neillsville/Greenwood:

Ashland vs Neillsville/Greenwood

103 Phillip Opelt (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
112 Zach Friemoth (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
119 Jack Pearce (Ashland) over Jared Boon (Neillsville/Greenwood) Pin 2:18
125 Michael Chadwick (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Blake Bretting (Ashland) Pin 0:38
130 Kyle Wilson (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Zack Trubachik (Ashland) Pin 1:11
135 Drew Anding (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Ethan Peary (Ashland) Pin 0:27
140 Tanner Zoromski (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Travis Oliphant (Ashland) Dec 7-2
145 Jacob Nordman (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Tysen Olson (Ashland) Pin 3:19
152 Sandy Bautch (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Cody Benedict (Ashland) TF 17-0
160 Damien Luchterhand (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Niccolo Pufall (Ashland) Pin 0:42
171 Winter Smith (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Seth Nemec (Ashland) Pin 2:18 6.00
189 Dan Schoen (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Nate Weaver (Ashland) Pin 0:12
215 Adam Enstad (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Wesley Anrews (Ashland) Pin 1:05
285 Tyler Hartung (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Martin Andrews (Ashland) Pin 0:15

Neillsville/Greenwood vs Ellsworth

103 Jens Lantz (Ellsworth) over Phillip Opelt (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 3-0
112 Brent Stockwell (Ellsworth) over Zach Friemoth (Neillsville/Greenwood) TF 17-1
119 Brad Cain (Ellsworth) over Jared Boon (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 4-3
125 Roarke Langer (Ellsworth) over Michael Chadwick (Neillsville/Greenwood) Maj 14-1
130 Auatin Welch (Ellsworth) over Kyle Wilson (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 2-0
135 Drew Anding (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Dan Langer (Ellsworth) Dec 5-1
140 DJ Yarwood (Ellsworth) over Tanner Zoromski (Neillsville/Greenwood) TF 17-1
145 Jacob Nordman (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Logan Kemmerer (Ellsworth) Dec 2-1
152 Levi Kuesel (Ellsworth) over Damien Luchterhand (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 4-3
160 Tanner Eggenberger (Ellsworth) over Sandy Bautch (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 5-3
171 Gable Frandsen (Ellsworth) over Winter Smith (Neillsville/Greenwood) Maj 13-2
189 Dan Schoen (Neillsville/Greenwood) over Parker Hines (Ellsworth) Dec 7-4
215 Zach Reister (Ellsworth) over Adam Enstad (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 5-1
285 Luke Albarado (Ellsworth) over Tyler Hartung (Neillsville/Greenwood) Dec 3-2

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