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Cadott Wins Cloverbelt Varsity Wrestling Tournament/NGL Third

Saturday, February 4th, 2023 -- 7:31 PM

Team Scores
1 Cadott  236.0
2 Regis/Altoona  152.0
3 Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal  128.5
3 Stanley-Boyd  128.5
5 Bloomer/Colfax  118.0
6 Abby/Colby  96.0
7 Spencer/Columbus  87.0
8 Thorp/Owen-Withee  67.5
9 Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek  56.0
10 Granton  20.0
11 McDonnell  10.0


Individual Results:


1st Place - Kaleb Lodahl of Cadott

2nd Place - Matt Jakel of Abby/Colby

3rd Place - Drew Ryder of Bloomer/Colfax

4th Place - Cillian O`Connell of Regis/Altoona

5th Place - Fletcher Post of Spencer/Columbus



1st Place - Tristen Smazal of Abby/Colby

2nd Place - Deaglan O`Connell of Regis/Altoona

3rd Place - Cayden Guntner of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

4th Place - Ayden Anderson of Bloomer/Colfax

5th Place - Lukas Simenson of Cadott

6th Place - Cera Philson of Thorp/Owen-Withee

7th Place - Gavin Andrew of Spencer/Columbus



1st Place - Theo Hovde of Bloomer/Colfax

2nd Place - Justin McManus of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Bryce Armstrong-Baglien of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

4th Place - Brayden Kunze of Regis/Altoona

5th Place - Monte Lodahl of Cadott

6th Place - Steven Williams of Thorp/Owen-Withee



1st Place - Luke Dux of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

2nd Place - Troy Trevino of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Nick Goettl of Cadott

4th Place - Mason Wolf of Spencer/Columbus

5th Place - Ethan Eager of Regis/Altoona



1st Place - Brayden Sonnentag of Cadott

2nd Place - Breckin Burzynski of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Derek Zschernitz of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

4th Place - Jacob LaGesse of Bloomer/Colfax



1st Place - Chase Kostka of Regis/Altoona

2nd Place - Nick Fasbender of Cadott

3rd Place - Mikey Weiler of Spencer/Columbus

4th Place - Landen Hoel of Stanley-Boyd

5th Place - Alex Sundermeyer of Abby/Colby

6th Place - Rogan Ashbeck of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal



1st Place - Hudzon Sebesta-Opelt of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

2nd Place - Jackson Wesner of Regis/Altoona

3rd Place - Connor Simington of Thorp/Owen-Withee

4th Place - James McElroy of Bloomer/Colfax

5th Place - Brody Westrom of Stanley-Boyd

6th Place - Christian Fuentez of Abby/Colby

7th Place - Drew Lang of Spencer/Columbus



1st Place - Tristan Drier of Cadott

2nd Place - Tommy Tomesh of Regis/Altoona

3rd Place - Keeghan Anding of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

4th Place - Brayden Meyer of Abby/Colby

5th Place - Jaden Garneau of Spencer/Columbus

6th Place - Miles Lueck of Bloomer/Colfax



1st Place - Cole Pfeiffer of Cadott

2nd Place - Hunter Breaker of Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

3rd Place - Jacob Hoppe of Abby/Colby

4th Place - Jakob Luchterhand of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

5th Place - Brandon Myher of Regis/Altoona

6th Place - Sam Helgestad of Spencer/Columbus

7th Place - Ben Heggemeier of Thorp/Owen-Withee



1st Place - Ethan Rubenzer of Bloomer/Colfax

2nd Place - Dane Luchterhand of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

3rd Place - Caden Kingston of Cadott

4th Place - Dylan Seichter of Stanley-Boyd

5th Place - Chris Schmidt of Spencer/Columbus

6th Place - Jackson Berg of Regis/Altoona

7th Place - Martinez Erik of Abby/Colby



1st Place - Dawson Webster of Cadott

2nd Place - Brayden Albee of Regis/Altoona

3rd Place - Carter Schoengarth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

4th Place - Mason Dieringer of Spencer/Columbus

5th Place - Brok McCann of Bloomer/Colfax

6th Place - Jonah Christopherson of McDonnell



1st Place - Levi Lindsay of Cadott

2nd Place - wyatt karl of Granton

3rd Place - Samy Espinal of Bloomer/Colfax

4th Place - Gavin Lofgren of Regis/Altoona

5th Place - Carson Kilty of Spencer/Columbus

6th Place - Caden Koepl of Stanley-Boyd

7th Place - Caden Lane of Thorp/Owen-Withee

8th Place - Braxton Kauth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal



1st Place - Axel Tegels of Cadott

2nd Place - Willy Graham of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Wyatt Wulff of Thorp/Owen-Withee

4th Place - Hailey Pelkey of McDonnell



1st Place - Nathan Zarins of Thorp/Owen-Withee

2nd Place - Luis Nava Rojas of Abby/Colby

3rd Place - Damien Seichter of Stanley-Boyd

4th Place - Wyatt Engel of Cadott

5th Place - Daniel Miller of Spencer/Columbus


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