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Cadott Wins Cloverbelt Middle School Wrestling Tournament/NGL Third

Saturday, February 4th, 2023 -- 8:08 AM


Team Scores:

1 Cadott CAD 183.0
2 Spencer/Columbus SC 152.0
3 Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal NGL 143.0
4 Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek OFAF 115.0
5 Stanley-Boyd SB 110.0
6 Abby/Colby AC 105.0
7 Regis/Altoona RAW 61.0
8 McDonnell MD 58.0


Individual Results:

MS - 68-78

1st Place - Drey Kren of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

2nd Place - Lincoln Giza of McDonnell

3rd Place - Garret Bodendorfer of Spencer/Columbus

4th Place - Austin White of Stanley-Boyd


MS - 75-82

1st Place - Boden Opelt of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

2nd Place - Damian Gonzalez of Spencer/Columbus

3rd Place - Ethan Willson of Cadott

4th Place - Blake Shilts of Regis/Altoona


MS - 78-88

1st Place - Evan Friemoth of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

2nd Place - Cashton Vogel of Spencer/Columbus

3rd Place - Dylan Ponchaud of Regis/Altoona

4th Place - Zachary Johnson of Regis/Altoona


MS - 80-90

1st Place - Riddick Meyer of Spencer/Columbus

2nd Place - Chase Linder of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

3rd Place - Cassidy O`connell of Regis/Altoona

4th Place - Felix Stary of McDonnell


MS - 91-100

1st Place - Zack Knaack of Spencer/Columbus

2nd Place - Kouper Salter of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

3rd Place - Mason Anding of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

4th Place - Kale Crass of Regis/Altoona


MS - 92-100

1st Place - Holden Lomax of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

2nd Place - Sierra Marten of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Luke Much of Cadott

4th Place - LaShawn Hoyle of Stanley-Boyd


MS - 99-106

1st Place - Logan Halverson of Stanley-Boyd

2nd Place - Quinnton Herr of McDonnell

3rd Place - Layne Armstrong-Baglien of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

4th Place - Lucas Pritchard of Regis/Altoona

MS - 103-114

1st Place - Garrett Engel of Cadott

2nd Place - Alix Colby of Abby/Colby

3rd Place - Ember Zupanc of Spencer/Columbus

4th Place - Henry Cash of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek


MS - 106-113

1st Place - Cole Nieman of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

2nd Place - Ryan Bowe of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Jadah Thiede of Cadott

4th Place - Aiden Ruzic of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal


MS - 115-118

1st Place - Ezryn Lieders of Abby/Colby

2nd Place - Tessa York of Cadott

3rd Place - Abby Moss of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

4th Place - Aaron Johnson of Stanley-Boyd


MS - 115-123

1st Place - Mike Harris of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

2nd Place - Jaxon Ploekelman of Abby/Colby

3rd Place - Evan Lallemont of Cadott

4th Place - Julian Ruiz of Stanley-Boyd


MS - 116-122

1st Place - Aiyden Sonnentag of Cadott

2nd Place - Max Davis of Cadott

3rd Place - Anna Krizan of Stanley-Boyd

4th Place - Zane Severson of Abby/Colby


MS - 124-129

1st Place - Kellen Blanchette of Cadott

2nd Place - Reeve Buchholz of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

3rd Place - Porter Goettl of Stanley-Boyd

4th Place - Abe Olson of Regis/Altoona


MS - 127-132

1st Place - Owen Fasbender of Cadott

2nd Place - Oliver Sudbrink of Cadott

3rd Place - Brett Knuth of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

4th Place - Carlos Martinez of Abby/Colby

MS - 128-134

1st Place - Jacob Phelps of Cadott

2nd Place - Darrin Dorn of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Brenton Faber of Cadott

4th Place - Jerome Buchanan of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal


MS - 130-137

1st Place - Dylan Lang of Spencer/Columbus

2nd Place - Liberty Faber of Cadott

3rd Place - Josh Sarkineen of Abby/Colby

4th Place - Corbin Lemke of Stanley-Boyd


MS - 134-149

1st Place - Isabella Giza of McDonnell

2nd Place - Kyle Pahl of Stanley-Boyd

3rd Place - Isaac Sundermeyer of Abby/Colby

4th Place - Seth Falatic of Regis/Altoona


MS - 135-147

1st Place - Jonathan Phelps of Cadott

2nd Place - Jackson Hoeper of Spencer/Columbus

3rd Place - Jesus Reyes of Abby/Colby

4th Place - Pearson Fausett of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal


MS - 150-169

1st Place - Brock Webster of Cadott

2nd Place - Ceasar Nava Rojas of Abby/Colby

3rd Place - Broden Kauth of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

4th Place - Eric Morgan of Stanley-Boyd


MS - 171-180

1st Place - Jackson Manicke of Spencer/Columbus

2nd Place - Jackson Monk of Regis/Altoona

3rd Place - Noah Krueger of Osseo-Fiarchild/Augusta/Fall Creek

4th Place - Anthony Melrose of Regis/Altoona


MS - 172-180

1st Place - Jacob Soback of Spencer/Columbus

2nd Place - Aiden Burt of Abby/Colby

3rd Place - Colin Lofgren of Regis/Altoona

4th Place - Jonathan Brady of McDonnell

MS - 181-195

1st Place - Payton Presswood of Cadott

2nd Place - Hunter Schuh of Spencer/Columbus

3rd Place - Colton Winger of Stanley-Boyd

4th Place - Ricardo Garcia of Regis/Altoona


MS - 200-225

1st Place - Zak Kind of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

2nd Place - Ben Nowak of Cadott

3rd Place - Jayden Rinehart of Spencer/Columbus

4th Place - Vince Chang of Regis/Altoona


MS - 266-275

1st Place - Jackson Meyer of Neillsville-Greenwood-Loyal

2nd Place - Reven Zschernitz of Spencer/Columbus

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