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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 -- 10:34 AM

The warden at the Stanley Prison says they didn?t try to cover up the escape of two inmates last month.

Jeff Pugh attended a public hearing in Stanley last night. He said prison officials gave all the pertinent information to law enforcement ?immediately?.

He says DOC officials are remaining tight-lipped for the sake of the investigation.

The timeline surrounding the escape is getting a bit more clear. A DOC officials says they became aware that someone mailed forged documents to the prison on January 25. The two men were back in custody the next day.

The DOC told the chief of police in Stanley what was going on the same day they learned of the breach.

It?s still unclear how long the two were on the loose, but the mother of one of the men, Jimmy Baldwin, says her son was free for about a week before he was apprehended in Milwaukee. Baldwin is serving time for a 1994 shooting death.

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