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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 -- 12:18 PM

A couple dozen volunteers and numerous law enforcement personnel were back in the Hatfield area Wednesday morning looking for Alisha Sidie.

The 27-year-old mother of two was last seen Friday night.

That?s when her ex-husband says she left his house on foot. She hasn?t been seen or heard from since.

Sgt. Patrick LaBarbera of the Jackson County Sheriff?s Department says nothing new has been found, but efforts continue.

"We're searching on foot today and with ATVs. Weather has hampered an aerial searching. We're experiencing snow, sleet and a fair amount of rain, as well as fog in low-lying areas," says LaBarbera.

Searchers have been working out from the point she was last seen by the Mug Tavern.

"We've searched out, in some areas at least, 1.5 miles. Some of the other searching is pretty localized," he says, "The Black River, Lake Arbutus and the canal that fed off Lake Arbutus."

LaBarbera acknowledges the possible outcomes are somewhat limited. Either Sidie left on her own and just hasn?t contacted anyone, she was taken against her will or she had an accident of some kind.

With frigid temperatures in area the past several nights, her chances of survival would not be very good.

Records indicated Sidie?s car was vandalized a few weeks ago. Investigators know about the incident and are looking into it.

LaBarbera says officials will decide later today if the search will continue tomorrow (Thursday).

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