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Thursday, August 28th, 2008 -- 12:24 PM

School buses won't be rumbling down the road until next week, but teachers returned to their classrooms yesterday in Neillsville.

Mary Lou England teaches high school students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders.

She's taught for 21 years and looks forward to getting back to class.

She thinks the kids are excited too.

"They probably wouldn't admit it, but they like being here with their friends," she says, "Sometimes their education isn't their top priority, but hopefully, graduation is their goal."

Randi Stanley teaches high school biology, anatomy and general science. This is her 12th year at Neillsville.

"It's always really exciting to come back," she says, "I really enjoy seeing the kids again. It's fun to hear their summer stories. Everyone is really excited to be here."

She says she never teaches a class the same way twice.

Her students will get some hands-on experience this year, including? dissections.

"Oh yeah! In anatomy we dissect fetal pigs, mink, eyes and brains?" that's enough for this reporter.

The school year ends on June 5.

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