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Research Shows Effectiveness of Milk Pasteurization in Eradicating Avian Flu Virus

Thursday, May 30th, 2024 -- 8:01 AM


(Blake Jackson, Wisconsin Ag Connection) Recent research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the state's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory affirms the effectiveness of milk pasteurization in eradicating the avian flu virus.

According to Blake Jackson with the Wisconsin Ag Connection, using samples collected from infected cows, scientists demonstrated a 99.99% reduction in the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1) through simulated pasteurization processes.

Dr. Keith Poulsen, director of the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, emphasized the significance of this study in assuring the safety of commercial milk.

While not an exact replication of industrial procedures, the findings provide crucial insights for larger-scale testing and underscore the robustness of pasteurization methods. Additionally, the study explored alternative pasteurization techniques and their impact on virus elimination.

Refrigeration of raw milk proved ineffective in reducing virus levels, while deviations from standard pasteurization protocols demonstrated varying degrees of efficacy.

The research also identified the virus's presence in both cream and skim components of milk, highlighting the importance of understanding virus distribution within dairy products.

Looking ahead, further collaboration with the Center for Dairy Research aims to evaluate different pasteurization methods, ensuring comprehensive safety measures across dairy processing operations.

While Wisconsin has not reported any cases of H5N1 in dairy cattle, ongoing vigilance and research remain imperative as the virus continues to circulate in other states.

Federal investigations into retail dairy products have provided additional reassurance, with no viable virus detected in recent samples. Despite industry concerns, affected herds have experienced minimal cattle mortality.

However, the recent confirmation of avian flu in a Michigan dairy worker underscores the need for continued monitoring and research efforts.

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