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Marshfield Common Council Approves to Affirm 2023 Decision to Move Forward with Bathrooms on Wenzel Family Plaza

Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 -- 10:00 AM


-The Marshfield Common Council had another lengthy discussion about building bathrooms in the Wenzel Family Plaza.

On Tuesday’s agenda, the Council had a request to affirm the Council’s July 25, 2023 decision to authorize construction of public restrooms on the Wenzel Family Plaza site.

The area selected would be just to the north of the pergola by W. 2nd St. There was always a desire to have bathrooms at the Plaza. The project was included in a plan and moved up from 2025 to 2023.

A total cost of $250,000 was put into the plan. It was noted the money is not coming from the tax roll. The City did receive a $12,500 grant from Wood County to go towards the project.

They looked at multiple buildings and locations over the past few years before landing on the spot behind the pergola right on the Plaza. The Council had to decide whether to continue with the project, suspend the project, or not to pursue until further notice.

It was noted that if they suspended or decided not to pursue the project, the City would lose the grant form Wood County and the $39,000 already put towards the project for designs and other items. In the end, the Council did approve moving forward with the project to build the bathroom.

The Council also made a slight change in the appointment process done by the Mayor for various committees. When the Mayor makes a final decision on a potential appointment, the Council will now receive a copy of the letter provided by the individual applying for the position. The thought process was to help Aldermen learn more about the individual potentially being appointed.

The Council also approved a $51,000 bid from Altman Construction out of Wisconsin Rapids for the relocation of the Communications Department to the lower level of City Hall.

The Council also approved referring a potential Petition of Annexation for property located at 8384 Heritage Drive. It’s 10 acres located in the Town of Marshfield. Those filing the petition stated they plan to request the property be zoned to light industrial.

The Council also approved Jake Bernarde to the Plan Commission for a 3-year term ending April 2027. The Council also approved suspending the rules and approved the appointment of Carol Knauf to the Business Improvement District Board, to fill a vacant position ending in April 2027. The appointment was only supposed to be a first reading, but, by suspending the rules, the Council approved the appointment.

The Council also had the first reading of the appointment of Randy Gershman to the Fire and Police Commission, to fill a vacant position ending in April 2027. Again, they voted on suspending the rules to approve the appointment immediately, but it was not approved, so it was only a first reading and will be brought back before the Council at their next meeting.

The Board also had the second reading of Ordinance No. 1510, repeal and replace Chapter 9 of the Marshfield Municipal Code, licenses and permits and review results of meetings with Mill Creek Business Park tenants on proposed changes to the Mill Creek Business Park covenants, but no further action was taken.

Finally, when approving the minutes of the various Committee Meetings from the past couple weeks, the Council approved:

  • An agreement for asphalt rejuvenating surface treatment;
  • A contract for East 14th Street reconstruction project;
  • Authorize refilling vacant Equipment Operator 1 position;
  • Authorize refilling vacant Park Custodian position;
  • Approved a special rate of pay for staff performing CDL training;
  • Approved revised City Policy No. 3.510 (Vacation);
  • Approved pay adjustment for performance of additional duties;
  • And approved variance from Policy No. 3.800 (Compensation).

It was also mentioned that two City projects did receive some grants. During the City Administrator’s comments, he discussed the work by the City’s Ordinance Enforcement Officers.

Finally, the Mayor had two proclamations. One was recognizing May 27th as Memorial Day in the City of Marshfield. The other was recognizing May 14th as Ava Gardner’s Day in Marshfield. Ava Gardner is a Marshfield student and Marshfield’s first female state wrestling champion.

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