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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 -- 11:28 AM

There's a feeling that sentiment over the half-percent tax may have changed on the Clark County Board. Discussion on the tax dates back some 20-plus years, according to a review by the Clark County Clerk's office.

(From Clerk's office)

[b]County Sales Tax
Consideration to Date[/b]

1985 ? Resolution submitted to County Board by Supervisor Bryce Luchterhand resolving that the County Board request Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA), legislators and Governor work for repeal of legislation authorizing counties to implement a county-wide sales tax. Voice vote. Motion Carried.

1991 ? Resolution "TO SCHEULE INFORMATION PUBLIC HEARINS REGARDING A COUNTY SALES TAX" prepared by Finance Committee Resolution was withdrawn and referred back to Finance.

1998 ? Ordinance "ESTABLISHING A COUNTY SALES AND USE TAX" presented by Finance Committee and Law Enforcement Committee. Roll call vote. 9 yes 17 no 3 absent. Ordinance defeated.

2002 ? Resolution "NON-BINDING REFERENDUM REGARDING THE ENACTMENT OF A COUNTY SALES TAX" presented by Finance Committee. Roll Call vote. 18 yes, 10 no, 1 absent. Resolution adopted. Advisory referendum held. Majority of voters voted "no".

2003 ? Ordinance "IMPOSING A .5% COUNTY SALES AND USE TAX" presented by Supervisor Ralph Landini. Roll call vote. 16 no, 13 yes. Ordinance defeated.

2003 ? Ordinance IMPOSING A .5% COUNTY SALES AND USE TAX" prepared by Supervisor George Rau. Ordinance withdrawn prior to Board meeting.

2008 ? Finance Committee discusses sales tax. ???

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