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Regardless of Bird Flu in Dairy Herds, Milk Remains Safe

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 -- 9:00 AM


(Bob Hague, Wisconsin Radio Network) Dairy milk remains safe, despite avian influenza being detected in some herds.

According to Bob Hague with Wisconsin Radio Network, Adam Brock is with DATCP’s Bureau of Food Safety said there’s a very low risk of anybody contracting avian influenza from their milk supply.

Brock said milk from infected herds isn’t getting to grocery coolers. Even if it did end up in the milk supply for some reason, pasteurization is proven to kill both bacteria and viruses.

H5N1 bird flu has been identified in at least a dozen dairy herds across six states. Most health experts believe the risk of humans contracting avian influenza from cattle remains low, at least for now.

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