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Monday, May 5th, 2008 -- 9:02 AM

A new program in the Osseo-Fairchild school district is hitting the mark.

Scott Moseley of Neillsville started the National Archery in Schools program last year. It's really taken off. Dozens of kids are participating, and even earning a trip to Louisville to compete in a national contest.

"A lot of kids are interested in it. It's something new, so it just took off from there. We had about sixty shooters," Moseley says.

The participants shoot a specially-made compound bow.

"It fits everyone," Moseley says. "The typical bow you would buy in sports shop has what's called a 'draw length', so my bow would fit me, but someone that would have longer or shorter limbs, it would not fit."

"The great thing about these bows is anyone can pick them up and use them."

In competition, the kids shoot at a target over 30-feet away. "300" is the maximum score per round. Moseley's young archers are more than holding their own.

"My top shoot shot a 276 at the state tournament. If you get up into that 240-range, that's a really respectable score."

Right now, Moesely oversees a team of sixth-graders and a team of 7th graders. Both competed in a state tourney in February. Both did well enough to earn a trip to the national competition next week in Louisville.

Moseley hopes there's enough interest to make archery a high school sport in the next couple years.

You can learn more about the program at [url=http://www.nasparchery.com] www.nasparchery.com[/url]

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