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Man Accused of 1985 Murder Ordered to Have Another Competency Evaluation

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 -- 12:01 PM

(Mike Leischner, WSAU) The man accused of killing Benny Scruggs in 1985 has been ordered to have another competency evaluation.

According to Mike Leischner with WSAU, Donald Maier will undergo a second evaluation as he faces a count of first-degree murder. Maier is accused of killing Scruggs in his home in a Wisconsin Rapids trailer park.

Officers say he snuck into the home and stabbed Scruggs in his bedroom. The two had been neighbors in the park. Witnesses say he admitted to killing Scruggs and having a sexual relationship with his wife. Maier was deemed competent for trial last July. Shortly thereafter he fired his attorney and brought on two new defenders in November and December.

It’s unclear what led to the request for a new competency evaluation, though court records show a correctional officer from the Waupun Institute did address the court regarding Maier on Friday.

Maier has also submitted numerous letters to the Judge. No further court action was immediately scheduled. Maier is serving time at the Racine Correctional Institute on an unrelated charge.

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