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Monday, March 10th, 2008 -- 10:34 AM

A Neillsville police officer used a taser to subdue a suspect last week. It's believed to the department's first successful taser deployment.

According to police reports, authorities were called to residence on Clay Street where a 36-year-old woman was allegedly chasing her mother down the street with a knife.

When officers arrived, the woman had a 5"- to 6"-inch knife cocked above her head as if ready to stab.

The Neillsville officer and a deputy from the Clark County Sheriff's Department pointed their handguns at the woman and asked her to drop the knife. She didn't comply, and began walking at the officers at which time the Neillsville officer shot her with the taser.

The woman hit her head during the 5-second shock, but refused medical treatment. She was handcuffed and taken into custody.
Neillsville officers began carrying the devices, which use an electric shock to subdue suspects, last May.

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