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Thursday, December 13th, 2007 -- 10:12 AM

As the old saying goes, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.

Hopefully the former is a ways off for you, but the latter will probably be in your mailbox soon.

By the end of the day (Thursday), Clark County Treasurer Kathy Brugger says by the county will have sent property tax information to all of the county's 46 towns, villages and cities.

"We have one township left, that should be finished up today," Brugger says. "Some (people) have already received their bills. If they haven't, they should be receiving them shortly."

On the bill, you'll see information on each of the taxing districts.

"The tax bill includes state, county, school, tech district and your local municipality. Then, if you qualify for the lottery tax credit, that amount comes off and that ending amount is the amount you need to pay," Brugger explains.

Once you get the bill, you'll have a couple payment options.

"Under $100, it all due January 31st. If it's more than $100, you have an option to pay all of it by January 31st, or half of it by January 31st and the other half by July 31st."

Most people are paying in one lump sum these days, Brugger says.

By the way, the City of Neillsville expects to send their tax bills out Friday?just in time for Christmas.

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