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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 -- 11:38 AM

From Marshfield P.D.

Press release dated 12-11-2007

Over the past several months, the Marshfield Police Department has been investigating numerous reports of theft by fraud and other possible crimes associated with Travel Pro travel agency in the City of Marshfield. To date we have had over 74 reported cases of fraud related to travel arrangements being made through Travel Pro.

At this time we have accounted for 74 cases that the travel dates have passed and no travel was accomplished nor refunds made. The value of those 74 cases is $192,433. More cases had been reported however those travel dates are in the future.

During our investigation, we obtained assistance from Federal Authorities due to the various worldwide locations of other possible victims such as Credit card companies, Hotels, Airlines, rental agencies and others who may also have been defrauded or otherwise victimized in the process. In coordination with those Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, we have approached the United States Attorney's office to review the cases.

As of today, we have learned that the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Western District of Wisconsin has accepted the responsibility of prosecuting this matter in it's entirety. All documents related to the Travel Pro cases have been delivered to the U.S. prosecutor and are being reviewed by that Office for further investigation as well as to prepare the presentation to a Federal Grand Jury. That Office is comfortable with the probable cause we have presented and is confident with the prosecution under federal laws.

To my knowledge, a Grand Jury hearing date has not yet been determined. The Marshfield Police department will continue to be involved in further investigating these cases as needed, assisting with the prosecution of Marsha Meshak, owner of Travel Pro, as well as testifying in any Federal Court procedures. Our Officers have been in frequent contact with Ms. Meshak and she has continued to cooperate with the investigation.

These cases have tested the limits of Marshfield Police Staff and our ability to investigate a matter of this magnitude while continuing to investigate all other illegal activities in the City. By utilizing every resource we have available to us, we have accomplished this very time consuming task. We will continue to work for a successful prosecution so we can provide satisfactory results to all of the victims in these cases.

All further information related to Travel Pro cases will be disseminated by the U.S. Prosecutor. No additional information will be released by the Marshfield Police Department until such time as the Court proceedings are completed.

We sincerely appreciate the patience demonstrated by the victims as well as this entire community as our Officers properly investigated these matters.

Thank You!
Joe Stroik ,
Chief of Police,

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.