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FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative Applauds Updates to School Meal Nutrition Standards

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 -- 8:00 AM

(Wisconsin Ag Connection) FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative applauds the proposed updates by USDA to school meal nutrition standards, particularly for USDA's plans to maintain low-fat milk for students, according to the Wisconsin Ag Connection.

"The presence of low-fat flavored milk in schools is important to the investment in the health and success of students, meaning that the youngest generation of learners is being offered options with the vital nutrients they need," says Jeff Lyon, FarmFirst General Manager.

"Low-fat flavored milk needs to remain a mainstay in the school cafeteria." While low-fat milk options remain, the proposed rule by USDA may limit the accessibility of other dairy options due to new weekly added sugars and sodium limits.

"Dairy provides an incredible nutritional package in a variety of delicious options, from milk to yogurt to cheese. Removing these options because they have a higher sodium or added-sugar level disregards the fact that dairy is a powerhouse when it comes to vitamins and nutrients growing minds need."

"FarmFirst has been a long-time advocate for flavored whole milk and expanded dairy options in schools, and there is no more important time than now," says Lyon.

FarmFirst will continue to advocate for expanded dairy options in schools while working in stride with other industry leaders in discussions with the USDA.

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