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Thursday, June 15th, 2006 -- 9:53 AM

By Bob Hague, [url=http://www.wrn.com]WRN[/url]

This story could conjure up some memories for many around Clark County as a group plans to search the Northwoods for Bigfoot.

?There have been reports in a few different counties in Wisconsin. Price County has a few characteristics we think are very favorable, not just for a couple, but for many,? says Matt Moneymaker, president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Two BFRO expeditions, composed of people who've paid $400 per vehicle to participate, will converge on Price County later this month, to look for evidence of what Moneymaker calls "the rarest large mammal in North America."

But locals aren?t convinced.

?We are skeptical that Bigfoot may be living in Price County,? says Kathy Reinhard, director of the Price County Tourism Department. ?But we welcome the visitors and expedition participants and wish them the best on their quest.?

Still, Reinhard concedes Price County contains over three hundred thousand acres of county, state and federal forest lands. And Bigfoot, or Bigfeet, could be well fed, as those woodlands are also home to abundant wildlife.

The BFRO is also mounting expeditions this year in six other states, and British Columbia.

Of course, one of the state's best-known Bigfoot sightings occurred a few years ago near the K and H intersection between Loyal and Granton. A local man reported he saw the hairy beast walking on the side of the road palming the head of a goat.

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