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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 -- 11:51 AM

The timeline is set for a Clark County Board candidate?s appeal of a recount result.

Recounts confirmed incumbent Wayne Hendrickson defeated Gene Gregory by four votes during the April election, but Gregory filed an ?Appeal of Recount Determination?.

A scheduling conference was held Tuesday morning. Clark County Circuit Court Judge Counsell ordered Gregory to file the formal complaint by May 19th.

Corporation Counsel Frank Vasquez must respond on behalf of the County by June 9th.

A status conference has been set for June 20th.

While Mr. Gregory has yet to explain the grounds for the appeal, area Representative Scott Suder of Abbotsford last week alleged four ?votes? were e-mailed to the County Clerk well after the polls closed on April 4th.

Clark County Clerk Christina Jensen strongly denied that statement. She says only names for the voter registration list ? not votes - were e-mailed from the Town of Unity Clerk.

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