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Friday, April 21st, 2006 -- 3:03 PM

Another twist in the case against a Neillsville man currently serving a prison sentence for his role in detonating a pipe bomb in his wife?s ex-husband?s vehicle.

Authorities say Wayne Jensen detonated a homemade bomb while the man and his finance were traveling to Neillsville on Highway 73 back in July 2003. Both were sent to the hospital.

Originally charged with 1st-degree attempted homicide, Mr. Jensen was allowed to plead to two counts of recklessly endangering safety and possession of improvised explosives and was sentenced to only three years in prison. In return, he agreed to testify his wife hatched the plot.

But he would later recant that testimony prompting Clark County District Attorney Darwin Zwieg to file perjury charges against Jensen.

Those charges were later dismissed at the request of a substitute prosecutor.

Then in December, Zwieg filed the motion to ?rescind and vacate? the plea deal and said he planned to reinstate attempted homicide charges against Jensen.

That motion was to be taken up next Thursday, but Jensen?s attorney, Michael Mandelman, has filed a motion to adjourn the hearing.

He says a partner in his law firm unexpectedly quit, preventing him from consulting with Jensen prior to next Thursday?s hearing.

Zwieg says the matter is now in the hands of Clark County Circuit Court Judge Jon Counsell who could grant or deny the adjournment.

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