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Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 -- 8:18 PM

School Board -- Referenda -- County Board -- Village, City

[b]Election Results

*[i]Italics[/i] denotes winner.

Neillsville School Board (Top two vote-getters win seat)[/b]

[i]Rick Opelt (i)?885
Dewey Poeschel?686[/i]
Don Harris?568
Carrie Golomski...336

[b]Owen-Withee - These are just Clark Co. Results[/b]

Gerald Fults (i)?227
[i]Kelley Hanson?469[/i]

[b]Loyal School Board[/b]
City of Loyal
Lisa Mahoney (i)...364
[i]Katie Weiler (write in)...385[/i]

North of Highway 98
Kenneth Loos...276
[i]Dave Fricke...507[/i]

[b]Greenwood School Board[/b]
[i]Rhonda Kozic...361[/i]
David Hemann...273

[b]Thorp Schools Referendum[/b]

[i]Should School District of Thorp borrow $1.4-million for constructing and equipping an addition to the high school; renovating, improving and upgrading other buildings and grounds in the District?[/i]

Results of Clark Co. vote only[/i]

[b]County Referendum[/b]
[color=red]Adjusted 4/5/06 @ 8:55 a.m.[/color]

[i]Should The Clark County Board of Supervisors Pass an Ordinance to Adopt a Comprehensive Plan[/i]


[b]County Board Races[/b]

[b]District 1 (City of Abbotsford - Frank Nikolay not seeking reelection)[/b]
Marcia Hochalter...114
[i]Michael Raatz...132[/i]

[b]District 2 (Village of Curtiss, Town of Hoard, Town of Mayville)[/b]
Richard Hunsader (i)...72
[i]Gary Leichtman...139[/i]

[b]District 3[/b]
Allan Olson...70
[i]Fredrick Schindler...78[/i]

[b]District 4 (Town of Green Grove, Town of Hoard[/b]
[i]Carl Kallberg...130[/i]
Nicole Strickland (i)...126

[b]District 5 (Village of Withee, Town of Hixon)[/b]
Tony Suda Jr...58
[i]Steve Amacher (i)...129[/i]

[b]District 6 (Town of Hixon, Town of Withee, Town of Reseburg)[/b]
[i]Gary Henke (i)...123[/i]
Ronald Kodl...62

[b]District 7 (City of Thorp)[/b]
[i]Elvin Fleming (i)...146[/i]
Janice Blume (write-in)...

[b]District 10 (City of Abbotsfrod, Town of Colby)[/b]
Tim Kapfhamer...52
[i]Jeffrey Kolzow (i)...66[/i]

[b]District 12 (Town of Longwood, Town of Reseburg)[/b]
Carl Maninen...77
[i]Roy Tyznik (i)...81[/i]

[b]District 16 (Towns of Beaver and Unity and Village of Unity)[/b]
[i]Wayne Hendrickson(i)?119[/i]
Gene Gregory?115

[b]District 18 (Town of Loyal, Town of York)[/b]
Maryanne Olson (i)...138
[i]Bill Elmhorst...177[/i]

[b]District 19 (City of Loyal)[/b]
[i]Gordon Haselow (i)...219[/i]
Charles Bizjak...66

[b]District 20 (Towns of Fremont and Sherman ? Ted Smith did not seek reelection)[/b]
[i]Phil Boehning?114[/i]
Byrl Dahl?51

[b]District 22 (Town of Pine Valley, City of Neillsville)[/b]
[i]Doug Opelt...133[/i]
Russell Carl (i)...116

[b]District 24 (Town of Seif, Town of Hendren, Town of Weston, Town of Hewett[/b]
Vern Kind...111
[i]Don Kirn (i)...166[/i]

[b]District 26 (City of Neillsville)[/b]
Arden Hinkelman (i)...78
[i]William Warren...105[/i]

[b]District 28 (Town of Dewhurst, Town of Hewett, Town of Mentor, Town of Levis)[/b]
[i]Helen Bohac...166[/i]
Charles Harwick (i)...84

[b]Village, City Races[/b]
Mayor of Marshfield
[i]Mike Meyers...2,048[/i]
Tim Kraus...1,967.

Village of Granton Trustee
[i]Thomas Gorst...37[/i]
Bradley Opelt...33

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