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Neillsville City Council Discusses Carryover of Unused Vacation Time for Some City Employees

Friday, January 14th, 2022 -- 1:00 PM

The Neillsville City Council discussed carryover of unused vacation time for some city employees.

The Council accepted the recommendation to allow Public Works employees to carryover their unused 2021 vacation hours to 2022, and to be used by March 31st of this year. The Council also approved Police Department employees to carryover their unused 2021 vacation hours.

The Council also approved to accept the recommendation to allow the Neillsville Senior Class to have banners put upon the City poles with the City providing the labor and they work out the rest of the banner situations and costs.

The Council also had a lengthy discussion on a recent denial of an operator’s license for a Marathon/I-Mart gas station employee. The individual stated that she has requested a Council review of her operator’s license which was denied by the Chief of Police.

She presented a letter of support from her Probation and Parole Agent, along with her Rules of Supervision. Her Parole Agent has no concern with her working at Marathon/I-Mart gas station, as its primary purpose is not the sale of alcohol.

The individual’s mother spoke of the process she has made in her recovery. She has done everything the Court has required of her. The Chief of Police has his reasons, but he did not speak with her parole officer.

She is working hard to overcome her addiction, and the manager at Marathon/I-Mart has taken a chance on her. Another resident in attendance stated she has never met a nicer person and she treats the customer right.

Neillsville’s Police Chief was not in attendance at the meeting, but one of his officers stated the individual is on probation and has rules to follow. However, he has not seen an issue. The individual is trying her best and the Chief may not know the whole situation.

At a point in time, if a problem occurs, the license can be taken away. Council Member Julie Counsell stated that the individual’s case record on C-cap is a little concerning.

The individual stated she admits she is a recovering addict, but she has completed treatment, she moved here, she has a job at Super 8, but needs another at Marathon to stay active.

She admitted she has a past and she made mistakes, but she is trying hard to stay straight. Council Member Counsell asked if the license is annual? City Attorney Bonnie Wachsmuth stated that there is a process to revoke a license.

Marathon/I-Mart Manager stated that it is hard to find help, good help, and part of the individual’s job requirement is to get an alcohol license. With no license, she has no job and she will be fired. He is willing to give her an opportunity.

City Attorney Wachsmuth stated the license can be tabled until the Chief of Police can be at the next meeting, if the Council desires. The Marathon/I-Mart Manager did state the employee as time.

Council Member Dan Clough stated that he wants everyone to understand that there is no bad guy here. The Chief has a set of guidelines and the Council has the decision. The license was tabled. The Board also heard the Commission on Public Works/Utilities.

Finally, although not discussed at the Common Council meeting, there are some elections taking place for a few positions on the Neillsville City Council in April. Diane Murphy is running for re-election for Neillsville Mayor and she is being challenged by Dewey Poeschel. Joe Neville is running unopposed for re-election for the 4th District. Barbara Petkovsek is running unopposed for the 3rd District seat, which is currently held by Dave Harnisch. He has not filed papers to run again.

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