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Wisconsinites Urged to Take Action to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 -- 10:01 AM

(Bob Hague, WRN) Wisconsinites are again being urged to take action to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Health Services Secretary designee Karen Timberlake issues a statewide advisory in the face of rising new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.“We each have a role to play, and we are at a point where, whatever you thought you were doing to make COVID-19 better, we need everyone to do a little bit more.”

That means getting vaccinated, getting a booster shot, wearing a mask in public spaces, and getting a COVID test before gathering for the holidays. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ryan Westergaard. “We’re in a very dangerous place, and we need people to contribute in any way that they can to save the lives that we are in grave danger of not being able to save.”

Dr. Melms continued, “I have to say, that I’ve grown weary of being in our local home improvement store, and I’m the only one wearing a mask.”

The state’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ryan Westergaard stated, “And if you’re someone who’s decided or declined to wear a mask in public, please here this message. Because we’re in a different place, we’re in a very dangerous place.”

The Department of Health Services is urging mask wearing, vaccinations and vaccine boosters, and getting tested for COVID prior to holiday gatherings, amid rising cases, hospitalizations and deaths due to the coronavirus.

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