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State Legislator Advocating for More Effort to Solve Cases of Missing or Murdered African American Women

Friday, December 17th, 2021 -- 9:01 AM

(Raymond Neupert, WRN) Madison Democrat Representative Shiela Stubbs is advocating for more effort in solving cases involving missing or murdered African American women.

Representative Stubbs says the task force will seek real means to protect the vulnerable in our community. "Black women and Black girls are not safe and our community and it's time for a change."

Representative Stubbs says that Black and Native American women are not safe in Wisconsin. "And we need to investigate real meaningful solutions by dedicating resources to this issue and we will make real progress in Wisconsin."

Representative Stubbs wants more eyes and more resources on solving the issue of missing and murdered African American women in Wisconsin. Representative Stubbs says not enough attention is put onto these cases when they make up a significant portion of violence each year.

"It is a systemic issue that requires systemic solutions and I look forward to getting the final report of the task force because there are mothers, there are families out there that don't know what happened to their loved ones."

Stubbs says too many cases of violence go unreported and uninvestigated each year, and that it will take a real change to fix the issue.

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