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Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Ordinance Requiring Animal-Drawn Vehicles to Pay Registration Fee

Thursday, December 9th, 2021 -- 10:01 AM


(Wisconsin Ag Connection) A freshman lawmaker is sponsoring legislation that would allow local Wisconsin counties to enact an ordinance requiring that animal-drawn vehicles pay a registration fee if they operate on public roadways.

According to the Wisconsin Ag Connection, Rep. Alex Dallman of Green Lake says the idea is as much about safety as it is for collecting revenue for maintenance.

"All users of the roadway should be paying their fair share," Rep. Dallman said. "Animal-drawn vehicles that use our roadways should be registered just like many other vehicles. I want to be sure that our local roads remain funded and operate in a safe and effective manner."

As part of the measure, annual registration fees would not exceed $100. Regardless of the amount, half of those funds would go to the town in which the vehicle is customarily kept.

Dallman adds that many communities are having a dilemma in managing the animal-drawn traffic, especially when an accident occurs or when there is damage to the road.

By registering vehicles like carriages or buggies, he claims law enforcement agencies would be more efficient in identifying the owners of the vehicles if there were to be an accident. The bill is currently awaiting a committee assignment and a public hearing.

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