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Giving Tuesday and Tax Deductions

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 -- 9:02 AM

(Raymond Neupert, WRN) If you donated for Giving Tuesday to get a tax deduction, you're in luck this year.

IRS spokesman Christopher Miller says that changes to the tax laws mean you can still file a simple return and deduct some of those donations. "It certainly opens up avenues for taxpayers who still want to make a donation and take a deduction for those donations but find it more advantageous to take the standard deduction."

Miller says a new law allows people to claim up to 300 dollars in donations without filing a full deduction listing. "You're still able to take that standard deduction, and give to a qualified charitable organization and take a deduction on your tax return this year."

Miller says it's vital to use a credit card or a check to make your donations, to help secure those donations, and to make a receipt. "Don't fall for or be pressured into donating by a gift card like an iTunes gift card or a wire transfer. That should be a big red flag to people that the charity is not for real."

You can find a list of qualifying charities online at I R S dot Gov.

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