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This Week Is Winter Weather Awareness Week

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 -- 8:17 AM


This week is Winter Weather Awareness Week,  a week dedicated to spreading awareness on how Wisconsinites should prepare for harsh cold weather.

So what you should include in your car's winter safety kit.   WQOW-TV's Matt Schaefer reminds you to keep your car's fuel tank at least half full. That way, you'll have several hours of heat from idling the car's engine if you slide off into a ditch and make sure your car's exhaust pipe is clear of the snow after you slide in.

He says items you should have in your vehicle this winter include snow shovels, kitty litter, and other items you can use to try and self-rescue your car. Booster cables and battery jumpers are great for when it gets dangerously cold and your car doesn't want to start.  Having a car phone charger can ensure you're able to call for help and stay in contact with people. 

Blankets and extra gloves, hats, and jackets can help you keep warm and dry. Some candy or granola bars will give you energy. 

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