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Clark County Board of Supervisors Approves 2022 County Budget

Friday, November 12th, 2021 -- 12:00 PM


The Clark County Board of Supervisors approved the 2022 County Budget.

After hearing a budget presentation, the Board approved the budget with expenses of $94,786,143, revenues of $68,501,301, with a fund balance of $7,434,944. The County’s indebtedness is $7,501,911.

That comes to a levy of $18,849,898 and a mil rate of $8.04 per one hundred thousand dollars of evaluation. The only amendment was to add $15,000 to upgrade the lighting in the Courthouse parking lots. The Board also approved borrowing $3,200,000 for road construction.

The Board also approved to enter into a contract with the State Department of Health Services and Department of Children and Family Services to provide mental hygiene, developmental disabilities, and social services.

The Board also approved to apply for the WIC grant for $226,137 and approved the County aid for bridge and culvert construction, with the total coming to $228,710.90, and approved the membership into the Wisconsin Counties Association, with the total cost being $6,436.

The Board also approved the designation of Committed Fund accounts, approved the final County Supervisory District Plan, approved the appraised value and sale of tax deeded properties.

Finally, the approved a resolution offering condolences to the family of Russell Opelt and approved the 2022 Forestry and Park Annual Work Plan. The Board also approved the reappointment of Peggy Erickson and Carol Oryszczyn to the County Library Committee, Louise Olszewski to the Wisconsin Valley Library Service, and Jesse Nelson, Phyllis Linster, and Bob Barth to the Housing Authority Committee.

Finally, they heard the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Report and the Explorer Program.

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