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Higher Prices on Recycled Material a Good Thing for State Municipalities

Thursday, November 11th, 2021 -- 10:01 AM

(Raymond Neupert, WRN) The Department of Natural Resources says prices on recycled materials are up and that's a good thing for local municipalities.

DNR recycling coordinator Jennifer Semrau says prices on the open market have rebounded thanks to increased demand and the current disruption in shipping.

"We've seen an expansion in paper mills as well as plastic processors in the United States, and also with the pandemic we've seen increased demand for those feedstocks, plastics, and fiber in particular."

Semrau says a combination of fresh demand from new recycling plants in the US combined with the current supply chain disruption has caused the rise in prices. "Now that the demand for recyclable materials is through the roof and so that's benefiting Wisconsin communities and how they sell recyclables."

Semrau says that while residents may not see much of a change in how they have to recycle their trash, they should make sure to keep contaminants out of the stream to help their local processors.

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