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DNR Reminds Hunters Not to Place Their Stands in Ash Trees

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 -- 8:03 AM

(Wisconsin Ag Connection) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources cautions hunters to avoid placing deer stands in or near ash trees this deer season.

According to the Wisconsin Ag Connection, most ash trees in the southern half of Wisconsin, Door County and the Mississippi River counties are dead or dying from emerald ash borer infestation.

"Dead and dying ash trees are structurally weaker than healthy trees, so they are not safe places to put deer stands," said DNR Forest Health Specialist Bill McNee. "At this time of year, it can be hard to tell if a tree has been infested by emerald ash borer, so hunters should place deer stands in other types of trees instead.”

Although emerald ash borer is not as widespread in other parts of the state, the invasive insect continues to be found at additional locations throughout the state and unreported infestations are also likely present.

Tree stand accidents are the leading cause of serious injury to deer hunters. It is important to place and maintain tree stands carefully as trees infested with emerald ash borer may unexpectedly snap or drop large branches.

Hunters should also be cautious around ash trees when on the ground, especially in windy conditions, as infested trees are susceptible to branch and stem breakage.

Ash trees can be identified through two key features: opposite branching patterns where two branches come off the main stem directly across from each other and compound leaves with 5-11 leaflets.

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