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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 -- 8:40 AM

There will be plenty of Clark County Board races, but very few local city races during the Spring Elections. Yesterday was the filing deadline for would-be candidates. In Neillsville, incumbent Mayor Diane Murphy, 3rd Ward alderperson Dorothy Resong and 4th Ward alderperson Dale Berger have all filed their papers and will be unopposed. Neillsville resident Jim Ratsch has made known his intention to run for Mayor as a ?write-in? candidate.

In Greenwood, incumbent Mayor Robert Moseley, Ward 1alderperson James Milderbrandt and Ward 2 alderperson Thomas Abel will all seek reelection unopposed.

And in Loyal, ?Ward 1 Council members Allan Tesch and Milton Knack; and Ward 2 & 3 Council members Carol Lampsa and Rodney Kowalczyk (koe-wahl-shick) will all seek reelection without challenge.

The Neillsville School board will also have a primary. There are two seats up for election. Rick Opelt is running for reelection to one of those seats, Paul Elmhorst has decided not to seek reelection. Also vying for the seats are Dewey Poeschel, Don Harris, Carrie Golomski and Ladd Elmhorst. A February 21st primary will reduce the field of five to four for the April elections.

The Clark County board is another story.

Of the 29 supervisory positions, 17 are contested. Of those seventeen, two districts ? districts 16 and 20 ? will need a February primary to whittle three candidates to two.

Here are the races:

District 1
Marcia Hochalter
Michael Raatz

District 2
Richard Hunsader (i)
Gary Leichtman

District 3
Frederick Schindler
Allan Olson

District 4
Nicole Strickland (i)
Clark Kallberg

District 5
Steve Amacher (i)
Tony Suda Jr.

District 6
Gary Henke (i)
Ronald Kodl

District 7
Elvin Fleming (i)

District 8
Arlen Kodl (i)

District 9
David Holtzhausen (i)

District 10
Jeffrey Kolzow (i)
Tim Kapfhamer

District 11
Scott Jalling (i)

District 12
Roy Tyznik (i)
Carl Maninen

District 13
Al Bower (i)

District 14
Bob Rogstad (i)

District 15
Rodger Ashbeck (i)

District 16
Wayne Hendrickson (i)
Gene Gregory
Rich Rinehart

District 17
Charles Rueth (i)
Kenneth Loos

District 18
Maryanne Olson (i)
William Elmhorst

District 19
Gordon Haselow (i)
Charles Bizjak

District 20
Mel Franklin
Phil Boehning
Byrl Dahl

District 21
Frieda Rollins

District 22
Russell Karl (i)
Doug Opelt

District 23
Duane Boon

District 24
Don Kirn (i)
Vern Kind

District 25
Larry Fitzmaurice (i)

District 26
Arden Hinklemann (i)
William Warren

District 27
Fritz Garbisch

District 28
Charles Harwick (i)
Helen Bohac

District 29
Norman Wesenberg

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