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Marshfield Police Department Investigates Reports of Possible Abduction

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 -- 1:00 PM

The Marshfield Police Department investigated a complaint of a possible abduction at a Marshfield store.

The Department said they were aware of the area Facebook post regarding an allegation of an attempted abduction in the parking lot of an area store. At the time, the Department was not contacted to investigate this matter or any similar matter recently at the location.

So, they could not substantiate either way the concern as it was presented. However, after reaching out to the store and one of the complainants, they did begin an investigation.

Their investigation confirmed there was a man outside the store for an extended period of time on Sunday between 10am and 12:15pm engaging people in conversation and asking people for money in a mildly persistent manner.

The investigation did not reveal any directly threatening behavior by the man and they did not substantiate the presence of a knife.  While the behaviors were concerning and worthy of Police attention, they did not rise to the level of criminal activity.

The unidentified man left after being contacted by store employees. Please contact your local Police Department when you feel unsafe.

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