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Monday, October 17th, 2005 -- 9:16 AM

Is the teenage brain just a vast wasteland, as it appears to parents of teenagers, or is something else going on in there? Jeanne Erickson, an expert on brain development with the Wisconsin Children?s Council, will be giving a free presentation Tuesday (October 18th) in Greenwood.

"First of all, they definitely do have one," Erickson jokes. "Some parents question that sometimes."

New research indicates the teenage brain is still a work in progress, Erickson says.

"Teenage behavior is fraught with risk-taking activities, high-emotional reactivity and immense impulsivity," Erickson says. "The part of the brain that regulates those activities is the part of the brain that's still under development."

Studies show the brain is under development longer than originally thought; in fact, the adolescent period, originally believed to be just 2 to 4 years long, now is believed to be take place between 8 to 15-years of age. And societal pressures have reeked havoc on development.

[b]You are encouraged to attend the seminar on the teenage brain Tuesday night from 7 to 8:45 at the Greenwood High School cafetorium. It is free and there will be refreshments and door prizes. You may call the Extension office at (715) 743-5121 for more info.[/b]

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