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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 -- 3:43 PM

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Over the next few weeks, you may hear some Granton elementary students reciting messages concerning domestic violence on our stations.

Lori Boushon of the Personal Development Center?s Clark County Domestic Violence Outreach office says there were 112 domestic violence calls in Clark County last year. Officials report a general increase in the number of abuse calls, a trend Boushon hopes means more victims are coming out of the shadows.

"That's my hope that they realize there is someone out there that can help them and they're coming forward," Boushon says.

In the last eleven years, 6-deaths have occurred due to domestic violence in Clark County. 95-percent of all domestic violence victims are women. Boushon says friends of abuse victims can help them help themselves.

"Continue to support them. Don't put the abuser down. Let them know that you're here to listen, not to judge them," Boushon urges. "And tell them there's someone out there that can help them."

Boushon?s office advocates for victims. They can help obtain restraining orders, food and shelter; in general, they try to get people out of bad situations. This Friday, they?ll be holding a fundraiser asking area men to literally ?walk a mile in women?s shoes?.

"(Participants) will walk from the stop light in Neillsville down to the American Legion Hall where we'll feed them some lunch and information on domestic violence," Boushon says. "They do not have wear the shoes, but they can bring the shoes."

"We're going to leave a visual outside the Legion with a sign that says 'not all victims live to tell their story'."

You can contact Lori?s office by calling (715) 743-6401.

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