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Thursday, March 31st, 2005 -- 11:41 AM

The huge, several-mile-long ice jam that reeked so much havoc along the Black River on Tuesday and Wednesday is breaking up ? somewhat.

On Thursday morning, Jennifer Lord-Kouraichi of the Clark County Emergency Management Department was back in southern Clark County surveying the damage and current situation.

"Resewood Avenue is now open because the ice jam has moved further south by about a half-mile," Lord-Kouraichi described, "It's still a-mile-and-a-half to two-miles long."

Most of the flooding on Thursday was isolated in wooded areas, she said.

As the jam moves south, more homes will likely be at risk of some flooding.

She estimates that about a dozen residences experienced flooding over the last couple days, but it might be difficult to get federal disaster dollars because many of the affected properties aren?t primary residences.

"If they have a cabin down in Hatfield, that would be considered their vacation home and FEMA wouldn't cover that property," Lord-Kouraichi said.

The National Weather Service has extended the flood warning for Clark County through Thursday night.

The Hatfield area has been a bit of a media circus; a number of Twin Cities TV stations have sent helicopters to the region today to get footage.

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