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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005 -- 3:25 PM

March is National Diabetes Prevention Month and National Nutrition Month. Tuesday morning on Viewpoint we were joined by Therese Mollinger-Olson, a registered dietician who works with Memorial Medical Center in Neillsville.

Mollinger-Olson said there are many risk factors that lead to Type-2 diabetes, but obesity is one of the largest factors. Seeing 60-percent of Wisconsin adults are either overweight or obese, diabetes is major problem here in the Badger State.

"An estimated 8-percent of all Wisconsinites have diabetes," Mollinger-Olson explained, "To put that in perspective, that's 2 of every 25 people you know."

Mollinger-Olson said it was very important to check labels when shopping.

"Look at total fat and saturated fat - the bad one," Mollinger-Olson urged, "The very first ingredient when looking at different grain products should say "whole wheat", instead of 'refined' or 'enriched'."

It?s estimated that 18.2-million Americans are diabetic.

If you?d like more information, you can call Memorial Medical Center at 743-3101.

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