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Friday, December 31st, 2004 -- 11:10 AM

As his fellow soldiers mourned his loss in Iraq Thursday, Staff Sgt. Todd Olson?s body arrived stateside ? and his widow tells us the couple had a premonition he wouldn?t make it home.

Todd died on Monday after he was injured when a so-called ?improvised explosive device? detonated as he performed a foot patrol in Samarra, Iraq ? about 60-miles north of Baghdad. The days since have been trying for Nancy and Todd?s 4 children, but she says they are doing as well as can be expected and appreciate the outpouring of support from family, community and beyond.

Nancy says the couple had discussed Todd?s tour of duty at length and both had a premonition that the 36-year-old community leader wouldn?t survive.

"It's like we knew he was not going to come back," Nancy said. She says the couple went through their financial records and felt as though it was Todd's "destiny" not to return.

"It was part of God's plan that he was going to go there and teach the other soldiers what to do. That's just the way it was going to be."

Nancy says this ?feeling? actually made the news easier to accept because everything that needed to be said had been said before Todd?s departure.

"We talked about everything. We talked about - you know, everyone in their life looks for that special someone who completes them. We had that, and we knew everything was going to be okay."

Details of Todd's public memorial service are still pending.

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