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Monday, December 27th, 2004 -- 8:48 AM

The war in Iraq is hitting too close to home this morning as a National Guardsmen from Loyal has been killed in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. [b]Todd Olson[/b], 36, was a member of the Neillsville-based detachment of the 128th light infantry. He was killed by a roadside bomb in the town of Samarra ? 60-miles north of Baghdad.

WCCN News talked with Todd?s wife Nancy Monday morning. Nancy said Todd was injured by what the military calls an ?Improvised Explosive Device? while doing a patrol by foot.

[quote]"His legs and his arm were hurt. They airlifted him from there to a hospital," Nancy said, "They had told us he was injured and later they came back and told us that he didn't make it."[/quote]

The Olson?s shared their last phone conversation on Christmas Day.

"He was actually in good spirits. I was surprised because he told me he had only had a couple hours of sleep."

Nancy says the family is relying on their faith and family to get through this.

"Our family is very dependent on God. A lot of prayers. We have a lot of family support. That's just the way we're going to make it through."

There will be a public Memorial Service at the Loyal High School, but the details have yet to worked out. We?ll give you more information when we get them.

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