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Loyal School Board Discusses COVID Guidelines

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 -- 9:00 AM

-The Loyal School Board and administration discussed COVID guidelines and communication at their recent meeting.

President Jen Kadolph had conversations with WASB lawyer Barry Forbes and school attorney Kirk Strang about quarantine CDC guidelines during the COVID pandemic.  The lawyers notified her that schools must follow the County Health Department and CDC guidelines or be found negligent.  On the questions of waivers to allow quarantined students or staff back in school, both lawyers agreed that waivers are not enforceable and should not be used.  She reviewed the results of the staff survey and reported that 70% of staff feel safe at school and the majority of staff wanted to continue holding school face to face on the current schedule as long as we possibly can.

As of right now, their next no student day, or STARR Day, is scheduled for Friday, December 11.  If there are any changes, they will notify the staff immediately.  The board also talked about communications and the chain of command.  Jen Kadolph recommends to parents and staff who have issues to talk to the staff person involved first, building principals second and, if the issue is not resolved, to talk to the District Administrator.  People should use the chain of command which is in place, before bringing the issues to members of the Board of Education.

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