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Health System and Hospital Physician Leaders in Wisconsin Urge the Public to Fight the Spread of COVID-19

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 -- 12:02 PM

-33 health system and hospital physician leaders representing 108 Wisconsin hospitals are encouraging responsible public health behaviors to fight the spread of COVID-19, especially as families navigate holiday-related event planning.

Wisconsin patients and families trust their physicians to diagnose and treat illnesses. Now, as COVID-19 spreads uncontrollably throughout Wisconsin, they are asking you to heed their advice again by taking this disease very seriously and adopting simple precautions to stop its spread in your community.  As COVID-19 infections rise at alarming rates in Wisconsin, so too are its damaging effects on our local businesses, our healthcare systems and thousands of our friends, neighbors and loved ones. COVID-19 is an insidious disease that can easily sicken friends and family by a single carrier showing no symptoms. It is now rapidly spreading throughout all Wisconsin communities, urban and rural.  While COVID leaves many unscathed, it has also left thousands of others isolated and seriously ill. It has now taken the lives of more than 2,700 people in Wisconsin including grandparents, parents, sons, daughters, and many others. While most read about COVID-19 in the newspaper or see it on TV, more are coming to know its pain and devastation first-hand. As Wisconsin physician leaders, they see the growing toll this disease is taking on our health care system, straining hospital capacity and stressing our nurses, doctors and others, those “health care heroes” we are all grateful for, but who now need your help to stem the surge of COVID-19 patients in our hospitals and clinics.

For a disease with such serious and harmful consequences, there are simple things we can all do to turn this around.  Keep a distance of six feet or greater from people outside your household.  Wear a mask when outside your home and around other people.  Avoid gatherings, especially where physical distancing and masking are not strictly practiced.  Wash your hands frequently.  Get your seasonal flu shot as soon as possible.  At Wisconsin’s hospitals and health systems, they are doing all they can to treat those who do get sick. However, they can’t prevent you, your family and friends from getting sick and needing medical care. That’s up to each of us individually and all of us collectively. Together, with simple, temporary steps, we can get this dangerous virus under control and get back to normal.

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