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Surgery Showcase with Dr. Sharon Hayward of Memorial Medical Center, Final

Friday, June 20th, 2014 -- 1:12 PM

-The Memorial Medical Center Foundation held a ?Surgery Showcase? with Dr. Sharon Hayward on Tuesday evening.

Dr. Hayward came to Neillsville in February and prior she worked in Stanley. Before that she worked in bigger hospitals in Duluth and Detroit.

Dr. Hayward talked about the reason why general surgery practices differ from one another. One reason is competition.

Dr. Hayward said, "Another reason why big city surgery can be different is because of competition. And because of people tending to stick to their own area of expertise. A general surgeon may want to do colonoscopy or endoscopy in a big city, but in order to not offend his gastroneurologist colleague they either are not allowed or opt no to do that. So, often times general surgeons often times do not do colonoscopy in big cities or they're told that they can't"

Dr. Hayward said that general surgery practices in even smaller towns than Neillsville can have even more procedures out of necessity.

"In a small town it's different," said Dr. Hayward. "In a small town smaller than Neillsville and more remote than Neillsville, you might find a general surgeon will have a scope of practice that is much broader than mine out of necessity."

Dr. Hayward talked about the many different procedures offered by MMC.

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