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Surgery Showcase with Dr. Sharon Hayward of Memorial Medical Center, Part 1

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 -- 1:18 PM

-The Memorial Medical Center Foundation held a ?Surgery Showcase? with Dr. Sharon Hayward on Tuesday evening.

Dr. Hayward came to Neillsville in February and prior she worked in Stanley. Before that she worked in bigger hospitals in Duluth and Detroit.

Dr. Hayward, who?s a general surgeon, talked about what general surgery includes.

Dr. Hayward said, "It's a wide variety of procedures. They range from abdominal procedures, which is one of the more common types of procedures that we do. Some of the procedures are emergency procedures. An appendicitis or a hot or infected gall bladder or a bowel obstruction or a perforation or something like that. The emergency procedures also include trauma procedures. Motor vehicle accidents, lacerations, falls. In addition to that, it just involves skin procedures and we also deal with hernias and general surgeries can also include vascular procedures, thoracic procedures, depending on the practice and location of the practice. And it can also include bariatric procedures."

Dr. Hayward said that general surgery can include a lot of different procedures, but not every practice is the same.

"So, general surgery can include a lot of different types of procedures, but not every surgical practice, practices the same," said Dr. Hayward. "And it does depend a great deal on where you practice. The reason for that is fewer resources that you have available. If you're in a big town you have all the resources, all the bells and whistles, all the latest equipment and the latest techniques."

Dr. Hayward said she really enjoys working in a smaller community like Neillsville.

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