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Public Works and Public Opinion at the Owen City Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 -- 1:02 PM

-The Owen City Council heard the Public Works Report and Public Opinion during their meeting last Tuesday.

The council heard the Public Works Report during their meeting. It was stated that the replacement of the water and sewer lines on 4th Street must be budgeted for next year and there is no way around that one.

Something also has to be done with the culverts on Willow as of yesterday and Lehnen Street is getting worse with patching being a temporary solution. The issue of sidewalk repair and removing the sidewalk on the south side of 5th Street was brought up as well.

During the Public Opinion portion of the meeting, Owen resident Pam Jaffke read a letter from Dr Deb Visser regarding the city policy as it regards to the handling of stray and injured animals.

What is the city?s responsibility and the vet clinic?s responsibility should be clearly stated. Pam Jaffke would like to meet with the council to discuss this further.

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