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Peck vs. Bernier for 68th Assembly Seat

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 -- 10:15 AM

-While working on his family farm, a candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly, Democrat Jeff Peck, explained his reasons for running and previewed his platform for the 68th District seat.

The 68th district is comprised of eastern Eau Claire County, southern Chippewa County, western Clark County, Osseo, and parts of Jackson County. In summarizing his reason for running, Peck said he wanted to bring better representation of local interests to Madison, especially in the areas of Agriculture, Veterans concerns, Jobs and the Economy, Education, and Partisanship.

Peck has also been able to work hard and make the necessary decisions to open a small business. He noted the importance of his solid post-secondary education and work with the Small Business Administration that led first to the success of his business plan and now to his small business.

Peck seemed especially concerned about education because he has young children, who haven?t even started preschool yet, but he fears they are facing a gutted education system. He demanded a strong, fully funded public education that also gives children extracurricular options.

Peck is running against incumbent Republican Kathy Bernier.

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