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Clark County Forestry and Parks Committee Discusses Sherwood and Mead Dam, Final

Thursday, June 12th, 2014 -- 1:04 PM

-The Clark County Forestry and Parks Committee heard the latest report from Tiry Engineering, Inc. on the Sherwood Dam situation.

Back in February, it was discovered that a spillway at the Sherwood Dam had failed draining the lake. Now, the Forestry and Parks Department is looking at repairing the dam, but there are substantial costs to the county that are being taken into consideration. The department initially applied for a grant to pay for part of the cost to repair the dam, but they found out recently that they were not awarded the funds.

It was decided that Tiry should go back and re-run a dam analysis study on the Sherwood dam with different factors included. One factor that was brought up by a Sportsmen Club member was the dredging of the lake. The club is going to pay to dredge the lake back to its original depth. The engineers said they would factor that in.

Also, there is a concern about a cabin located to the south of the dam possibly being in the flood line when the dam is repaired. The engineers use a factor known as the 100 year storm to see if the dam can handle it. With the 100 year storm, it?s possible that the cabin will be in the flood line and, if that?s the case, the engineers would need to repair the dam using the 1000 year storm factor which would cost the county more money.

However, it was mentioned that they could perhaps convince the owners to move the cabin if the 100 year storm model fails.

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