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Clark County Economic Development Corporation's Annual Meeting, Part 2

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 -- 12:46 PM

-The Clark County Economic Development Corporation held their Annual Meeting on Monday evening at the Loyal American Legion.

Sheila Nyberg, Executive Director of the Clark County Economic Development Corporation said that they wouldn?t be able to do what they do without partnerships.

Sheila said, "When we talk about partnerships, these are partners. You're going to hear and see a lot of information tonight, that many of you are involved in, in many different ways, but we could never do it without all of us helping each other."

The different partners that Clark County Economic Development has worked with were given an opportunity to talk about what they do. Lynn Nelson from West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission talked about the services they offer to multiple counties.

Lynn said, "The West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is a technical and planning assistance type of organization. The first thing we do is we offer planning assistance. So, we can assist units of government in preparing a comprehensive plan. The second area where we provide assistance is we write grant applications. And one of the final areas that we assist units of government is through an arm of another organization that we help run, called the Regional Business Fund, and we're able to provide loans to businesses who need gap financing. Loans at low interest rates that help create jobs in the community."

The theme of the CCEDC?s Annual Meeting this year was ?Partners in Progress.?

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