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Senator Terry Moulton Discusses the Recent Session, Final

Monday, April 14th, 2014 -- 11:44 AM

-State Senator of the 23rd District, Terry Moulton, is proud of the work done in the recently finished session.

Senator Moulton stopped by the station and talked about several other bills he supported in this recent session.

Senator Moulton discussed the mental health bills that were passed in the session as well.

Senator Moulton said, "One that I personally was involved with, was a bill that would create for rural districts, a mobile crisis team to deal with mental health issues. I think that will be something that will be very beneficial in some of the rural areas. I can think of an example that occurred in my district where police were called in a situation where somebody was having a severe mental problem and a mobile crisis team would be ideal for that type of situation."

Senator Moulton believes that Wisconsin is heading in the right direction.

Senator Moulton said, "We're heading in the right direction. We've done away with million dollar deficits and substituted surpluses. We've returned money to the taxpayers in the form of property tax cuts and income tax cuts. I think we're heading in the right direction. We've still got a lot to accomplish, but I think we're heading the right way."

Senator Moulton has also confirmed that he will seek re-election as Senator of the 23rd District. He has no democratic challenger at this time.

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